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Chimney Inspections Hamilton | W.E.T.T. Certified Professional Technicians W.E.T.T. Certified Professional Technicians WETT Certified Inspections Hamilton
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What is W.E.T.T. ?

Wood Energy Technical Training (W.E.T.T.) is a non-profit training and education association. Through professional training and public education, W.E.T.T. promotes the safe and effective use of wood burning systems in Canada. The W.E.T.T. system is a multiple course training program that is recognized by the Insurance Industry, Real Estate firms, the Fire Department and Building Officials. W.E.T.T. trained professionals must abide by a code of ethics requiring professionalism in all aspects of their work. It is the only assurance that the person performing the work is qualified and has formal training to support this.

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All of our technicians are not just basic SITE inspectors, they are W.E.T.T. Certified as sweeps, technicians and comprehensive inspectors. So whether you are needing just a chimney cleaning or require a W.E.T.T. Inspection, you are assured that the technician who arrives at your home is W.E.T.T. certified. When we are hired specifically to perform a W.E.T.T. Inspection, we provide the most common Level One W.E.T.T./S.I.T.E. Inspection. Read more about the W.E.T.T. Levels of Inspection.

We offer Certified W.E.T.T. Inspections in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Glad I called this company! I had just bought a new house and wanted to know if my chimney's were useable. They were great and fast at cleaning my chimney. Tim, the Chimney Sweep took the extra time to investigate my house (as I have three Chimneys) and figure out if they were still functional, and how they worked. He was very thorough and pointed out a few non chimney related issues as he was crawling through my basement crawlspace. He took the time to explain things I should look out for in the future and how I can upgrade my fireplace. Very satisfied.”

- Joel in Burlington

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Wood Energy Technical Training Certified

TSSA - Technical Standards and Safety Authority

National Chimney Sweep Guild Member

Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association of Canada

BBB - Better Business Bureau - Accredited Business

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Enchanted Chimney Sweeps are certified professional technicians who have serviced chimneys from Toronto to Hamilton since 1989. We provide a thorough cleaning of your entire wood burning system. Our goal is to provide informed, professional ... Learn more  ➧


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Did you know that to avoid a chimney fire your fireplace and chimney should be swept every 40 to 60 fires? ... Learn more  ➧

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