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chimney cleaning
chimney cleaning services hamilton

Chimney Cleaning

We do most of our cleanings from the inside and we use a high powered Hepa vacuum that keeps your home soot and dust free. Two drop cloths are placed in front of the fireplace or woodstove and the firebox and chimney are scrubbed and cleaned with professional brushes. While we clean we visually inspect the fireplace and chimney for any potential ...

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wett certified inspections
wett certified inspections hamilton

W.E.T.T. Inspections

W.E.T.T. Inspections are used primarily for Insurance or Real Estate sales. We provide the most common Level One W.E.T.T./S.I.T.E. Inspection. This inspection includes verifying that your wood burning appliance/s and chimney structures are sound, free of obstructions and combustible deposits, such as creosote. We also check the readily accessible ...

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chimney products
chimney products hamilton

Chimney Products

Quality chimney products that will help keep your chimney and fireplace working properly and safely. Our products include:

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chimney services
chimney services hamilton

Chimney Services

Professional chimney services that will help keep your chimney and fireplace working properly and safely.

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wood fireplace inserts
wood fireplace inserts hamilton

Wood Burning Inserts

Get more heat and lower your heating costs with a new and efficient wood burning fireplace insert installed by one of our professional technicians.

We offer Wood Fireplace Inserts and complete intsallation services.

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chimney safety
chimney safety hamilton

Chimney SAFETY

  • Have your chimney cleaned by a certified professional
  • Try to burn only dry hard wood
  • Do not burn garbage or excessive amount of paper
  • Try to have hot fires, avoid ...

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