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What is W.E.T.T. ?

Wood Energy Technical Training (W.E.T.T.) is a non-profit training and education association. Through professional training and public education, W.E.T.T. promotes the safe and effective use of wood burning systems in Canada. The W.E.T.T. system is a multiple course training program that is recognized by the Insurance Industry, Real Estate firms, the Fire Department and Building Officials. W.E.T.T. trained professionals must abide by a code of ethics requiring professionalism in all aspects of their work. It is the only assurance that the person performing the work is qualified and has formal training to support this. Read more about  W.E.T.T.

Our technicians are not just basic SITE inspectors, they are W.E.T.T. Certified as sweeps, technicians and comprehensive inspectors. When we are hired specifically to perform a W.E.T.T. Inspection, we provide the most common Level One W.E.T.T./S.I.T.E. Inspection. Read more about the W.E.T.T. Levels of Inspection.

We offer Certified W.E.T.T. Inspections in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and Etobicoke, Ontario.

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