Chimney Safety

Chomney Fire Prevention Hamilton Ontario

Chimney Fire Prevention & Good Burning Practices

  • Have your chimney cleaned by a certified professional
  • Try to burn only dry hard wood
  • Do not burn garbage or excessive amount of paper
  • Try to have hot fires, avoid smouldering wood. When the fire is finished there should be only ashes remaining, not pieces of partially burned wood.

Avoid a Chimney Fire!

Did you know that to avoid a chimney fire your fireplace and chimney should be swept every 40 to 60 fires?

Top 7 Safety Tips

  • Never burn garbage or painted/treated wood, only dry fire wood

  • Open damper fully before lighting a fire

  • Keep the fire to the back of the fireplace

  • Always use a spark screen or glass doors

  • Follow the manufacturers instructions when burning artificial logs

  • Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers can save lives and property when you have them and they are working properly

  • Have your chimney cleaned by a certified professional

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Ontario winters can be harsh, prepare your chimney, fireplace, and home before the cold, winter weather arrives.

Avoid a Chimney Fire